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Data for : Uk police Deaths, Deprivation 2007, Uk police teaser use

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Deaths during or following police contact statistics for England and Wales 2009/10 2010/11. Statistics on the deaths reported on by the IPCC includ...

Contributed by indeuppal on 02/24/2012

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Filtered Features of 'UK Riots - Incidents by time and date' based on 'England pubs osm july2011'

Dataset created by filtering features of 'UK Riots - Incidents by time and date' that are within a buffer of 0 to 100 m around the features in 'Englan...

Contributed by dew on 08/17/2011

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All TASER uses in England and Wales(excluding the original 2003 pilot) - 22 April 2004 to 31 March 2010 NB: Only the highest level of 'use' for e...

Contributed by indeuppal on 02/22/2012

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England pubs osm july2011

All the pubs in OpenStreetMap in England and the Isle of Man extracted from a geofabrik.de download data CC-BY-SA OpenStreetmap

Contributed by chippy on 07/19/2011

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Deprivation, United Kingdom, 2007

Association of Public Health Observatories publishes data on the Level of deprivation of a population in an area, as measured by the percentage of peo...

Contributed by williambenjaminiv on 02/02/2010

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Merge of 'UKPoliceDeaths' into 'Deprivation, United Kingdom, 2007'

Dataset derived by merging the features of 'UKPoliceDeaths' into 'Deprivation, United Kingdom, 2007'

Contributed by Nem Billz on 03/05/2012