Binders Full of Women by US County

This map consists of two layers visualizing the same data. The data in question is all geotagged Tweets from the night of October 16th responding to then Presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments that he had gone through "binders full of women" when he was filling state positions as governor of Massachusetts. The lower choropleth layer shows the aggregate sum of tweets responding to the comment by US county. The top point layer shows the location of all North American tweets as they were geotagged.

In order to read each tweet, click on the individual Binders Full of Women points.

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3108 area features

Binders Full of Women by County

Dataset derived by aggregating the features of Binders Full of Women into USA County level Boundaries

Contributed by ryancooper729 on 01/08/2013

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996 point features

Binders Full of Women

Geotagged Tweets responding to Mitt Romney in the Presidential debate of 10/16/2012. Search terms were "bindersfullofwomen" and "binders full of women...

Contributed by ryancooper729 on 10/17/2012