Minor Civil Divisions, County Subdivisions, West Virginia

West Virginia Minor Civil Divisions, also known as County Subdivisions by the Census Bureau. Minor civil divisions (MCDs) are the primary governmental or administrative divisions of a county or county equivalent in many states. MCDs represent many different kinds of legal entities with a wide variety of governmental and/or administrative functions. At one time, the Minor Civil Divisions in West Virginia corresponded with Magisterial Districts, although this is frequently not the case in newer maps and publications. Geospatial data is available at 2 different scales: 1:500,000 and 1:100,000.

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This section shows information about this dataset's attributes
Attributes Range Median Mean Std. Dev.
Name Text column (no statistics available)
0.00  to  3.53
0.82 0.87 0.46
Lsad Trans Text column (no statistics available)
Mcd Text column (no statistics available)
Cs54 D00
2.00  to  248.00
125.00 125.00 71.45
State Text column (no statistics available)
0.00  to  0.15
0.02 0.03 0.02
Cs54 D00 I
1.00  to  247.00
124.00 124.00 71.45
County Text column (no statistics available)