DemicZones GDPandHDI

Summary: This shapefile divides the world into 67 zones, each representing approximately 100 million persons, created by Martin W. Lewis as an alternative means of mapping economic and social development.

Description: This file lists total population, nominal GDP, nominal GDP per capita, PPP, PPP per capita, and HDI calculated from division-level data for each zone (or Demic Region). GDP and PPP figures are in US Dollars. Data sources include EuroStat, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, CIA World Factbook, and

Geospatial data derived from Natural Earth data (

Credits: This project was conducted at Stanford's Spatial History Project ( These Demic Regions were created by Martin W. Lewis, senior lecturer at Stanford University, who initiated and led the project. Data was gathered, cleaned, and analyzed by Anne Fredell. Technical assistance provided by Jake Coolidge, Spatial History Project.

Access and use limitations: The reuse and adaptation of this data is encouraged for scholarly work. Its commercial use is strictly prohibited. Kindly inform the authors of any adaptations or modifications made to improve the quality of the data.

This section shows information about this dataset's attributes
Attributes Range Median Mean Std. Dev.
0.28  to  0.94
0.71 0.68 0.17
HDI stands for the Human Development Index, which is a statistic that is composed of life longevity, literacy, education, and standard of living.
1  to  67
34 34.00 19.49
Numeric designation for Demic Region.
29433012400.00  to  5552480000000.00
356285000000.00 901826743017.91 1402055724335.19
Nominal GDP reflects the financial power of different countries in terms of internationally transferable financial resources.
59537000000.00  to  5477649100000.00
611598831000.00 1091100027328.36 1257102515029.77
PPP stands for Purchasing Power Parity, which represents the internal economic resources of different countries.
580.72  to  47935.43
6541.18 11195.18 12286.70
PPP per capita is PPP normalized by population.
29902426.00  to  141218577.00
100387425.00 101118660.66 14985345.42
Number of persons.
Sup_Region Text column (no statistics available)
Demic regions can be grouped into Super Regions, of which there are seven.
287.09  to  48590.29
3810.55 9273.03 13719.26
Nominal GDP per capita is nominal GDP normalized by population.
1.00  to  43.00
6.00 10.33 10.20
The number of divisions (provinces or sovereign nations) that make up the Demic Region.