Cabelas, Cabelas Store Locations, USA, 12.2007

Cabelas is a specialty retailer of hunting, fishing, camping and related outdoor recreation merchandise based in Sidney, NE. It uses catalogs, the Internet, and has 26 retail stores throughout the United States.

This dataset maps the 26 Cabelas retail stores. The physical address and phone numbers were retrieved from and the address was then geocoded to find the exact lat/lon of the store's location.

The data is current as of 12.2007. Several more stores are being planned to open in the future. These sites can be seen on another dataset entitled, "Future Cabelas Store Locations 12.2007"

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Data accessed on December 10th 2007


This section shows information about this dataset's attributes
Attributes Range Median Mean Std. Dev.
State Text column (no statistics available)
State of the Cabelas Location
Store Text column (no statistics available)
Name of the Cabelas Location
City Text column (no statistics available)
City of the Cabelas Location
-122.78  to  0.00
-93.55 -89.97 28.39
Longitude of the Cabelas Location
Phone Text column (no statistics available)
Phone of the Cabelas Location
0.00  to  98516.00
60192.00 55544.75 28575.62
Zip of the Cabelas Location
0.00  to  47.93
41.18 37.90 11.62
Latitude of the Cabelas Location
Address Text column (no statistics available)
Address of the Cabelas Location