Washington State Department of Transportation, State Route Milepost Markers, Washington, 2007


This dataset contains two sources used to determine X, Y coordinates for positions along Washington State highways perpendicular to milepost markers. Locations were collected on the fly from a moving vehicle using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology, and using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) processes, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) 24k Linear Referencing System (LRS) and the WSDOT Traffic Signs Management Systems database (TSMS).

Purpose: Provide location reference along Washington State Highways for such uses as: routing, vehicle tracking, emergency services, traffic safety, and WSDOT project planning and management.

This section shows information about this dataset's attributes
Attributes Range Median Mean Std. Dev.
Ab Text column (no statistics available)
Ahead Back Indicator, An indicator that denotes if the Linear Referencing Method (Trafficway) State Route Milepost is within a Back Mileage Equation Area
-68.81  to  99999.99
947.60 9674.65 28004.87
Height Above Ellipsoid - The vertical distance in feet above or below a reference ellipsoid. For WSDOT this reference ellipsoid is designated WGS84.
Comments Text column (no statistics available)
Comment field for use during data updates
5.22  to  99999.99
142.27 47160.35 49879.89
The average distance between the two positions collected using GPS for the same milepost marker.
Mp Value
0.00  to  436.00
47.00 89.26 99.30
Milepost Value indicates the number that appears on the milepost marker.
-124.59  to  -117.04
-120.66 -120.67 2.04
The degree of longitude west of Greenwich, England, represented by a 3 digit number of degrees from 000 through 180 and decimal fractions of degrees with 6 decimal places. East longitudes are not included. Values in this field are NAD83 HARN
45.56  to  49.00
47.23 47.26 0.82
The degree of latitude above the equator represented by a 2 digit number of degrees from 00 to 90 and fractions of degrees with 6 decimal places. Only applies to the northern hemisphere. Values in this field are NAD83 HARN.
Ref Date Text column (no statistics available)
Date the individual points were valid.
1.00  to  2.00
1.00 1.09 0.28
Indicates how the X,Y coordinates where obtained.
Direction Text column (no statistics available)
For data with source code of 1, indicates the direction of travel the data was collected in. For data with source code of 2, indicates the 24k LRS dataset used.
Region Text column (no statistics available)
Region - The geographic and administrative areas of responsibility of the Washington State Department of Transportation within the State of Washington.
Sr Text column (no statistics available)
Washington State Highways are defined by the following: State Route (SR) number, Related Roadway Type (RRT) and Related Roadway Qualifier (RRQ). These three descriptors uniquely identify and every piece of the highway system in Washington State. For definitions of SR, RRT and RRQ see the WSDOT metadata for the GIS Roadlog dataset