Statistics South Africa, Population (Census) by Race Sex and Province, South Africa, 2001

This dataset displays population figures by Province, race, and gender. Figures are obtained from the 2001 census.

In October 2001, South Africans were counted for the second time as citizens of a democracy. Over 83 000 enumerators and over 17 000 supervisors and fieldwork co-ordinators were employed to collect information on persons and households throughout the country, using a uniform methodology. Census night, or the night of the count, was 9-10 October 2001.

Census (population census)

The total process of collecting, processing, analysing and publishing or otherwise disseminating demographic, economic and social data pertaining to all persons in a country or in a well-defined part of a country at a specified time.

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This section shows information about this dataset's attributes
Attributes Range Median Mean Std. Dev.
Province Text column (no statistics available)
0  to  3791296
1489486 1688783.00 1298791.14
African/Black-Male Population
0  to  1170949
66368 192042.70 354549.17
Coloured-male Population
0  to  1268026
73918 207407.70 384052.79
Coloured-Female Population
Varname 1 Text column (no statistics available)
0  to  385746
5619 54504.60 120894.46
Indian/Asian-male Population
0  to  4372268
1645926 1852833.50 1444986.32
Type 1 Text column (no statistics available)
Iso Text column (no statistics available)
0  to  412418
5346 57042.60 129176.35
Indian/Asian-Female Population
African/Black Text column (no statistics available)
African/Black-Female Population
0  to  842306
130075 208073.20 249140.05
White/Male Population
Name 1 Text column (no statistics available)
0  to  892786
136809 221290.50 265316.06
White/Female Population
Hasc 1 Text column (no statistics available)