Foreign Auto Manufacturing Plants in the US

I located information for each foreign automobile manufacturer on each company's corporate webpage. I then took the city and states in which each plant was located and geocoded them for latitude and longitude at I uploaded this information as a csv into Finder! and then checked for accuracy in the final map in Maker! These are all foreign automakers that each have their own websites. In order to find specific information please go to the individual company's website. These can be found through

This section shows information about this dataset's attributes
Attributes Range Median Mean Std. Dev.
City Name City column (no statistics available)
City Name
Name of Auto Plant Text column (no statistics available)
Name of Auto Plant
Foreign Manufacturer Text column (no statistics available)
Foreign Manufacturer
29.42  to  45.51
37.27 37.42 3.66
Latitude from
-122.68  to  -74.06
-84.56 -91.06 14.77
Longitude from
State Name State or Province column (no statistics available)
State Name