A Tour through GeoCommons

GeoCommons is the public community of GeoIQ users who are building an open repository of data and maps for the world. The GeoIQ platform includes a large number of features that empower you to easily access, visualize and analyze your data. We've highlighted just a few of these features below. You can watch any of our videos to learn more, or just sign up for free to get started building your own maps.

Create Compelling Map Visualizations

  • Easy Map Visualization

    You can build gorgeous maps in just minutes using GeoIQ's simple workflow and quick exploration capabilities.

  • Temporal Analysis Visualization

    Animate your data through time and space with our one-click temporal analysis. See trends and predict impacts.

  • Share and Embed

    All of your visualizations are easily shareable on Facebook, Twitter, and embedable on your blog.

Open, Accessible Data for All

  • Data Upload & Search

    GeoCommons provides full data upload, sharing, and search feature to easily share data with the world. Using GeoIQ for Enteprise, organizations can share private data. Contact us for more information.

  • Dataset show and edit

    We automatically calculate statistics for your data and convert it to a dozen different formats. You can easily view, edit, and track the usage of your data.

  • Filter and Access Data

    Investigate data and maps using our easy filters for limiting by any number, string, or date attribute. Don’t stop at one filter analyze all the dimensions of your data. Create new datasets and maps, track versions, and access derivatives.

GeoIQ Enterprise and Analysis

When you are ready to take it to the next level we have GeoIQ enterprise. The same platform that powers GeoCommons, but chock full of additional features specifically geared for the enterprise. Leverage powerful yet intuitive analytics for new insights and predicative capabilities. Instantly tap into the exploding world of social, local and mobile data to see how it is impacting your bottom line. From Fortune 50 firms to leading government and multinational agencies, GeoIQ is providing a dynamic differentiator for business insight into how social and mobile dynamics are changing the market. Whether you're tracking the social media impact of your campaigns on store sales, or the impact of development aid compared with predicted climate change and government spending - GeoIQ provides a robust and secure solution for data fusion and insight

  • Analysis

    GeoIQ Enterprise now includes spatial analysis in the cloud. Quickly and effectively analyze your data to find relevant answers to your questions and share these with your organization - in minutes!

  • Groups, Permissions

    GeoIQ include a full set of enterprise-grade permissions and access controls for your data. Limit access and edit roles for users, groups, or organizations.

  • GeoIQ Connect

    Using GeoIQ Connect you can integrate Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, ESRI, MongoDB, and other datastores and API's with the rest of GeoIQ's features.

Open API For Developers

Need a custom application, dashboard or workflow? The same API’s used to power GeoCommons are freely available to developers to harness the breadth of GeoIQ. The sky is the limit. Appcelerator uses the GeoIQ API’s to track 22 thousand apps across 20 million mobile devices. What big data goldmine is waiting for you to dig into with the GeoIQ tools for visualization and analysis?

  • Developer API

    GeoCommons is built on the GeoIQ platform using our REST and JavaScript API's. Learn how you can use our open and free API's to build dashboards, web applications, and anything you can imagine.

  • Mobile through Appcelerator

    GeoIQ partnered with Appcelerator to provide cross-mobile platform development and geo-tracking of your mobile applications. Quickly develop, deploy and track your mobile applications through GeoIQ and Appcelerator Ti+Geo.

  • Deployment Options

    GeoIQ is available through a number of deployment options for your enterprise. We offer Cloud services, as well as GeoIQ appliances and virtual machines for hosting within your intranet and existing infrastructure.